What Do Casting Directors Look For When casting?

If you are hoping to, or trying to become an actor, then you will know how much of a tough market it can be to break into.

To become a successful actor, you will be required to stand out from the crowd, and be a far better fit for the role than all of your competitors. 

What do casting directors look for

To do this, you will need to know exactly what casting directors are looking for, and how you can meet all of their needs.

This is where we come in handy. We are here with the inside scoop, to help you find your dream role!  

What do casting directors look for when casting? 

When casting directors are casting, they need to ensure that the actors they find are perfect fits that will know their character inside out, and can take the role in the right direction that the film or show needs them to. 

To do this, casting directors may take into consideration a whole number of factors before casting the role.

For instance, a casting director would first look at the physical type, what your body type is, what your features are like, what your hair is like, and whether these align with their ideas of the character.

In addition, casting directors need to think about your performance, and acting style. For example, how do you carry yourself, how do you portray yourself, and how you would portray the character.

What is even more important is your originality. Think about what your unique selling point is, and roll with it.

You want to also show that you can be creative, adaptable and able to listen to instructions. This will ensure that you are flexible, and able to work under a number of conditions. 

The best advice we can give you is to not think about what the casting director wants too much. It’s all well and good trying to impress, but more likely than not, the casting director is not too sure or decided on what they want…they will just know it when they see it.

On the other hand, they may prefer the direction in which you are taking the character, which can give them a new perspective, and you’ve just got it.

Therefore, you are better off just researching the role, really get a feel for it, and give it your all.

If you are too concerned about what people may think of you, then you may not be able to perform as well. If you’re not the right fit, then there will always be another audition. 

How do you get casting directors to notice you?

With such an overcrowded job market, you are going to need to stand out. So, how do you get casting directors to notice you? The easiest way to do this is to reach out to them!

However, keep in mind that they have probably had hundreds of struggling actors begging them for auditions and roles, and advice or a contact.

So, you are going to have to try something different.

You can reach out to casting directors via email, and make them your contact.

But, instead of pleading for help, why not try offering them something, or making them an offer they cannot refuse. 

What do casting directors look for

Try not to ask them for something, instead give them the opportunity to reach out to you, or make contact with you, for their benefit.

This will help you build a great relationship. Try not to unload on them how hard it is for you to find roles, instead, keep it casual and keep it professional! 

Also, you are going to want to let them know exactly who you are, what you are about, and what makes you tick.

You should include some headshots for reference, along with a little bit about yourself, where you are from, and whether you are willing to travel for work or auditions.

Let them see how passionate you are about acting, and about the role, and how involved you are in this sphere.

Show that you are always working on your career, building new relationships and striving to do better.

Show the casting directors that you are willing to put in some hard work, not just beg them for roles. 

How do directors choose their actors?

Film, TV, and show directors will hire casting directors in order to take over the casting process, and deal with multiple auditions, callbacks, screen tests and talent scouting.

It is the role of the casting director to find the best possible candidates, actors, and talent that will work perfectly for the roles, and then narrow these down to a few options.

These actors are then presented to the producers and directors who will oversee the best picks, and make the final casting decisions and choices.

On the other hand directors may choose actors that they are already familiar with, or who they have worked before as they already have a working relationship with them. 

Do casting directors look at social media?

In some cases, casting directors will look at social media following, and this may impact how they choose acting talent.

Some casting directors may examine social media platforms to see if actors already have an online presence, or how they present themselves online to the world, and the results of this may have an impact on whether they get a role or not.

That being said, we wouldn’t worry too much about how many followers you have, as this may not directly correlate with whether you get cast or not.

Casting directors are more likely to take a look at whether you speak out of turn, or have an offensive or bad online image, as this may make them stray away from working with you.