Ainsley Martins

William Shakespeare once wrote: “All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players” (As You Like It). As actors, we are never not acting, even when we are just going about our daily lives. Everything we do is a practice, and we are constantly learning. And, as agents, we can see those actors who truly emulate this in all aspects of their life. 

I’m Ainsley and I am the face behind My Acting Agent. With my many years of experience of being an agent and an even higher number of years under my belt in the acting industry, I felt that it was time I put this experience to good use. Thanks to my experience and career, I often get asked many questions from aspiring actors and budding stars about how they can find their way in the industry. You name it, I’ve been asked it. From “Why would an actor use method acting?” to “What should I put on my acting resume?”, and even “How do actors kiss?”. 

Well, as much as I adore answering these questions and queries, it began to dawn on me that there are likely hundreds, even thousands of other aspiring actors out there who have the same questions but no one to answer them! That is where My Acting Agent comes in. With my website, I aim to put all your acting-related worries at ease. Think of me as an Agony Agent, of sorts. The acting world can be daunting, but with my experience, I can help you prepare for auditions, let you know what makes agents tick, and answer all your urgent questions!