How Much Are Good Headshots?

While you can get headshots done for a range of prices, you get what you pay for. You want a photographer experienced in achieving great photos that will show you at your best.​

Acting is heavily focused upon how you look and first impressions are everything.

In most cases, you will probably want a few options of headshots so that you can send the best-suited one for a particular project to the casting team.

How much are good headshots

If you have a friend or amateur photographer who is doing your headshots, you might save some money but you might also miss out on roles to those who have made a better first impression with professional shots.

You can expect to pay upwards of $500 for decent headshots, although you can pay a lot more.

Manage your situation though, you do not want to be forking out $1,000 on headshots if you are just starting. You can always get more done at a later time, especially if you have changed your look.

It may be that you are serious about applying to many roles in the upcoming months and want to improve your chance of success.

If you know that your look is less likely to change over the next year or so and you have received good feedback, then it may be worth investing in more expensive headshots. 

How much do actors pay for headshots?

Actors who are just starting will not want to spend over the odds on the best professional headshots. However, it is pointless having headshots that look cheap or are badly finished.

Paying slightly more than you would like to might just cinch that audition, meaning that you can then showcase your acting ability.

It is vital to remember that one successful acting role can see your money returned for your headshots. If you have chosen a few different looks, you should be able to use your headshots for several projects.

The more work that comes your way, will increase your funds for better quality headshots. You will also want to keep them up to date with how you look.

If your weight significantly changes, or your appearance changes in a particular way you’d like to capture, you should get new headshots taken. You may also find that you prefer to act in a certain type of role and want to tailor your headshots to best reflect this aesthetic.

Seasoned actors will pay for the best professional headshots because they can afford them.

In many cases, your A-list actors will be approached for roles and will also have a reputation to accompany their name, replacing the need for headshots. 

Are headshots worth it?

You will need to have headshots of some kind taken if you want to apply for acting roles. Most productions, whether on the stage or the screen, will want a casting panel to view headshots before contacting agents and actors to arrange auditions.

In most cases, they will have an idea of how a particular character looks or comes across. They may have even had instructions from producers, writers, and directors on what to look out for.

Therefore, you want to make sure that you are considered for the role rather than passed up for a lack of headshots. You should also ensure that the headshots you have to show your “best side”.

It is worth having a few headshots on file with your agent so that they can send the one (maybe more) that will show that you are suited for that role.

You only get one attempt at a first impression and as you won’t be there in person to speak for yourself, you must rely on good headshots to open doors for you. 

Why are headshots so expensive?

The bottom line is that headshots are there to make you money. Their sole purpose is to depict you as a perfect fit for roles, land your auditions, and get you paid acting work.

Whether it is a lucrative movie deal or a role in a commercial, you are going to need a headshot to send along with your resume. The photographers taking these headshots for you will be well-versed in their craft.

It will have taken them years of hard work to refine their skills. They will have the experience behind them to help capture the version of yourself that you are trying to portray with each headshot.

You are essentially paying for their creative vision as well as a high-quality finished product. The equipment, software, and cameras required to produce excellent quality headshots are expensive in themselves.

There will also be overheads for studio fees, editing, and printing costs. Besides these costs, you are expected to make money from your headshots.

Paying more for headshots that are professionally taken, edited, and produced will stand out from amateur efforts. If you want a top-quality headshot, it is going to cost you some money.