How Do Actors Kiss?

If you have ever watched a kissing scene in a movie, or watched a sexual scene within a film or TV show, you are probably wondering where actors draw the line between work, and play. It comes as no surprise that many actors begin dating after working so closely together for months on end, having to perform scenes of a sexual nature, or act like two characters are very closely involved.

So, how do they do this? Is it always strictly professional, is there sometimes more to it, and do actors really kiss when acting?

Many relationships have grown from two actors having to kiss, or pretend to be in a relationship during a movie.

There’s Brad and Angelina, there’s Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz…the list goes on.

Hollywood has created more couples than dating apps could ever dream of! So, does this happen because actors really kiss on set?

Do actors really kiss acting?

The short answer is yes. Most of the time, actors will really kiss when performing on the stage, on screen and on set. However, for the most part, actors and actresses will discuss and agree what they are comfortable with, and how they will perform the kiss before they actually film it.

For instance, many actors and actresses agree to use ‘no tongues’ during a kissing scene, but it does depend on the nature of the scene, and the director’s vision for the movie. In addition to this, most actors and actresses will have done this sort of thing before, and are perfectly fine to kiss other actors, as it is part of the job and being a professional. For many actors, they may be happily married, with children, and are still comfortable with kissing other actors for the purpose of shooting a TV show or movie.

Do actors feel awkward kissing?

Sometimes, actors can feel incredibly awkward kissing, and this could be for a number of reasons. For instance, if the actors are close friends, then filming a kissing scene can be very uncomfortable, and hard to convince audiences that they are not feeling awkward about it.

A prime example of this is young actors Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, playing Hermione and Ron in the famous Harry Potter series. The two had been working together, and had spent their childhood years together on the set of the Harry Potter movies, and had obviously built a close friendship. Years later, when the films called for a kissing scene, the pair stated that they were mortified to do so! How actors feel about on screen kissing will depend on the situation. For instance, some actors do not find it awkward at all, as there are hundreds of crew members watching, and the whole thing is staged, so there is no chance of romance or emotions that could be mixed up in the scene. Others may find it embarrassing to perform an authentic kissing scene, but it is one of those things that comes with time, and practise! Experienced actors who have had to do this sort of thing time and time again may be more confident kissing other actors, and may have no qualms about kissing on screen.

How do you fake a kiss?

On the other hand, if both actors are uncomfortable kissing, then they may fake or stage a kiss. To do this, you would have to discuss with your co-star beforehand. Find out what they are comfortable with, and how the pair of you would approach the kiss during the scene. For instance, the scene may be a first, tender kiss, or something more passionate, so you would need to adjust the kissing style, so that you can choreograph the kiss first. Then, you can establish your boundaries for the scene between the two of you. Then, you can perform a fake kiss if you choose to do so. To do this, one of you will have to gently place your hand or hands on the side of the other actor’s neck, so that the fingers are placed behind the ear, and the thumb can be moved to rest on the co-star’s lips. Then, when both actors lean in for the kiss, one can kiss their thumb rather than actually kissing the lips.

Do Bollywood actors really kiss?

The same rules apply for Bollywood actors. Bollywood actors may also kiss for real when performing a scene, whereas some others may choose not to.

It all depends on what the actors are comfortable with, and what the directors want out of the scene. Kissing in a movie is seen as a professional part of the job that sometimes has to be done for the sake of the film, and so many actors will do it.

Do Korean actors really kiss?

Some Korean actors will choose to kiss their co-stars, whereas others may not.

Whether these actors actually kiss for real depends on whether the actor is considered an ‘idol’, in those cases, they may fake a kiss or their lips may not actually touch the co-stars.